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    February 06, 2007



    I am very glad that I am your new favourite book blog and hope that you stay with me long enough for it to turn into your favourite OLD blog..

    I gather from your comments that you did not care for the latest Jane Eyre. I loved it despite reservations about the updating of the language. When Bronte's original speech appeared it stood out very clearly. I thought the chemistry between Jane and Mr R was quite potent and, after all, Jane was a passionate person, hence the book being found shocking when it was published. Previous adaptations have tended to make her a bit prissy.

    But I have to admit, I find Toby S incredibly attractive which just may have coloured my view...

    I do hope you will drop in on my blog again and I hope your two toddlers get better soon. I remember those days well


    I'm honestly not a stuffy person, but sometimes it's hard to reconcile what's in your head with what's on the screen. Never once in my head did Jane and Rochester do what they did that Sunday night. And Rochester looks more like a Sense and Sensibility-era Alan Rickman in my head, and less like Toby S. That said, did my pulse quicken, did my blood run hot? Sure it did a little; I'm not made of stone.

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