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    May 08, 2007


    Anne Moore than you can handle

    I can't believe you didn't mention the Parent Trap--best twins separated at birth narrative ever.


    But so unrealistic! Because they are exact opposites. I recently spent a Friday night watching the Lindsay Lohan version of this on the Disney channel, while everyone else was asleep. I'm not even sure what words to emphasize to best convey the ridiculousness of that experience: Lindsay Lohan? Friday night? everyone else asleep? What?


    I'm gonna vote "Disney channel".


    Dude, the Disney channel rocks. Go Hannah Bobera, or whatever that show that Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter are on that is actually on another channel altogether and that you can buy a wig from (seriously!) in the store in the mall where I recently got my ears repierced while the girl who was stapling/gunning my lobes told her colleague to reshelve some barettes on the "tween tower." What?

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