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    August 07, 2008



    I've got an account here I would love to be a part of this community
    . .
    Today I received a messages from someone via one of my social network account.
    any ideas? .


    good evening

    cool forum here!

    what are your hobby's ? - i for example love , movies and going to concerts.
    most recently i listen to a lot of romantic love songs and their love song lyrics, wedding songs, just the most romatnic love songs and ballads you can imagine, cause i'm newly engaged!
    a great love song artist i just discovered is A nice vibe, he reminds me of a barry manilow, you might want to check out his music. it's the most soothing music i've ever heard, i guess that's why he has already over 350'000 facebook fans hehe...
    what do you guys listen to, what kind of music gets your emotions going ?
    so for all the lovers of love music, romantic music, wedding music, most popular love songs check out



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