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    October 23, 2008



    Thanks for the link, Selene! I really like that quote you posed from "How to Cook a Wolf" - is that the title of the entire book (or perhaps pamphlet)?

    Don't know if you saw the post I did about Pollen yesterday, but I think we're definitely on the same wavelength regarding these issues.



    Gah! I am so addicted to reading food twitters. xo


    I think I mean tweets?


    Sarah--what food twitterers do you read?

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    While the ever-popular Marvels was more of a survey of Marvel's history from an onlooker's perspective,The Marvels Project will offer an insider's look on how the whole super-hero phenomena came about in the Marvel Universe. I'm sure it will be reprinted in trades, but I'm too excited to wait.

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    Sarah--what food twitterers do you read?

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    Very nice and interesting article.. I'm so addicted to reading food twitters.. Lol

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